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Basic Training Program. Registration Info. Friday, 04 April 2014 17:26
Information About Reigstering For The Basic Training Program: Read more
2014 Cycle I Calendar Monday, 27 January 2014 15:29
- Saturday, February 1st (3:30PM - 7PM) Family Day @ Kennedy Stichting, Attendance for trainees is mandatory. Friends, Family, Kids, P... Read more


SAAF CAMP is a fitness, conditioning and general  well being  program. It has been in development (in the USA, NYC) since 2005 and was brought to Suriname for activation in March 2010. From March 2010 – August, 2011, S.A.A.F. CAMP has successfully graduated NINE Platoons. Participants lost from 3-18Kgs (7-40Lbs) - 3-20% Body Fat - during the Three Month Program and dramatically improved their conditioning. Additionally, the camp trains Hundreds of kids weekly at throughout Paramariblo and District Para. The program offers a productive outlet for youth to engage in and increases their teamwork skills.

SAAF CAMP has been Nationally adopted by Dr. Celsius Waterberg (formerly, Minister Of Health). The successes of the camp have drawn the attention of National Television Network(s) and a weekly health and wellness television show (similar to the Biggest Loser) is now AIRING as of April 20th. It airs every Friday on the ATV Network at 9PM. 13 episodes per season, 2 seasons per year. The Network rebroadcasts each episode on Saturdays at 11AM and on their sister network (channel 4) on Sundays at 830PM). The mission of SAAF CAMP is to inspire a movement that encourages the general public to live healthier lives.

Destination Platinum, is the developer and sponsor of this project. Keith Dorsette, Joseph Atuana and Fredro Starr (Moesha, Save The Last Dance, Onyx, Etc.) Executive Producers. They have invested approximately USD$500,000+ (to date) and have sent Keith Dorsette to Suriname  in February 2010 to facilitate it’s growth and development. The project is amazing and we have seen impressive results with the weight loss component and the improvements within the youth program. The most recent Platoon (VII, VIII, IX) had over 3,200+ persons apply to the Program.

SAAF CAMP is now a National Leader in the Prevention of Non Communicable Diseases. 

Delivery of fitness product(s)
  • During the 60 Day Camp, participants train 1 hour per day (M/W/F) from 6PM-7PM at the VOS Facility.
  • They additionally receive an entry physical fitness test, a diet and nutrition class, blood pressure monitoring and final written exam and a final physical fitness test.
  • After the completion of the CAMP, participants have one month to demonstrate that they can continue to maintain their weight loss or continue to lose weight. If they are successful, they will Graduate.
  • Thus far, 92% of the participants who have completed the 60 Day Camp have successfully continued to manage their weight loss or continue to lose weight. Additionally, they have continued their training as a group and have introduced the program to their friends, family and co- workers.
  • There are over hundreds of youth within the  SAAF CAMP Community Program. They have improved with their conditioning, team work skills, dicipline and within the family and school environment(s).
  • They benefit from Football Coaching, Organized Games (tournaments), General Fitness And Conditioning Programs and Martial Arts Sessions.
  • Additionally, they have direct access to responsible mentors that guide them to focusing their time and energy into productive outlets using the vehicle(s) of fitness and sports.